Trending Video Heboh Liverpool Vs. Tottenham: Jurgen Klopp’s Pre-Match Press Conference


Jurgen Klopp discussed Adam Lallana, Loris Karius, injuries and Anfield ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday evening. Subscribe to …

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  1. there will always be plastic fans who know shit about the club and just running their mouths off to give their monies worth which in their case is very little however i agree about the mic problem and is it just me that the journalists ask questions that have nothing to do with the game and waste time over half of that interview was wasted imo these press conferences should be about the game itself and nothing else i mean am i wrong to think like this or is it just a money earner for the press and if we didnt have fsg we would be in the championship or even liquidated we need to stand by fsg and jurgen ppl make mistakes thats called being a human being also certain players need a preferable kiss up the ass for the way they have been playing its not been good enough the fact that lucas has been playing in defense as louvren was unfit and we sold sakho so we didnt have any cover and lucas willingly stepped in i like that in a player he isnt a defender or midfilder but to play out of position not many will do that so i thank lucas for all the shit ppl give him i think a lot of our problems were due to mané leaving keeper frailties and strikers loosing their boots imo i dont think that it was coz we played too many games

  2. We need to sign a proper left back next summer, Milner can't go on forever filling that spot, then we need to bench either Can or Wijnaldum so we could bring a creative world class midfielder ( James Rodriguez, Pianic or Ivan Rakitic… ) to play alongside Lallana and Hendo, then a good forward ( Berardi or,Belotti… ). A top defender ( Van Dijk ) . We got to let go of Lucas , Sturidge and Lovren.

  3. We should be ok against Spurs, unless we are tired of course. I'm feeling a bit tired now myself,  maybe I'll quit my job. I can take losing to Spurs but I can't take losing to the Burnley's of this world. Change the mentality Klopp when playing the smaller teams, that's what Fergie did and he won everything.

  4. I think we were very unprofessional in the first half of the year also. Klopp was jumping around like we'd won the league every time we scored a goal. We did the same thing a few years ago when we had one hand on the cup. We got too excited about the whole thing and it drained the players. We should learn from that, get excited if we win twenty games in a row, not four.

  5. No matter what happens this season any failure of Jurgen and his team can be traced back to the united "offside goal", in fact the failure of his Liverpool reign ultimately comes down to the United goal that can also be traced back some game time to a offside incident. But Jurgen doesn't make excuses oh no he does not does he

  6. Very excited to the big match tomorrow night albeit we're in poor form at the moment. With that said, this is the perfect opportunity for us to bounce back and return to our best! This could again be a pivotal chance for us to start turning things and our season back around! Playing another close rival to us is additionally important as it could mean that we'd be right back in the mix for a top four spot, and secure a place at where we want to be – in the Champions League! So, it's in our hands and up to us to make up for lost ground and get back to our free-flowing, chaotic best!
    So, for this decisive and alimportant match, here's my starting XI prediction:
    Clyne Matip Lucas Milner
    Lallana Henderson Wijnaldum
    Mané Firmino Coutinho
    SCORE PREDICTION: LIVERPOOL 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur (with Coutinho and Firmino getting on the scoresheet!)
    KEY MAN PREDICTION: Gini Wijnaldum (with another encouraging and colossal display cementing his place in the starting XI!)
    C'mon Liverpool! Let's start turning things around, believe again and get our first three points of 2017! C'mon Redmen! #WeGoAgain #DoubtersToBelievers #WeAreLiverpool #YNWA #⚽️?❤️

  7. Honestly no-one should doubt klopp, this is his first full season, i didnt expect a miracle with the team we have.
    Our fans are becoming more upper-class within the stadium, so theres less passion, are some of our players are too slow, Emre & Lucas need to be replaced, along with Lovren, we need rapid players to complement Mane, Coutinho & Firmino.
    – Belotti from torino
    – Berardi from sassulo
    – Aubameyang
    – Dahoud

  8. Anyone saying he should be sacked should go support another club. Sick of all you plastic fans who can't look long-term. Klopp will build something special in the coming seasons so support him – do you think at Dortmund he had all the money of Bayern? No. And Klopp still competed with them, so support the club or fuck off.

  9. keep believing and give ur best jurgen, we can still finish in top 4…..
    and yeah fuck FSG… they should be related to club like QPR not Liverpool….
    klopp and kopties deserve far far better than this…

  10. There is no guarantee of 3 points against spurs. This match should and will change nothing, unless we win well.
    The owners now need realise that they need to put their hands in their pockets.
    A world class striker is needed and a rock solid defence.
    Only then will this "long term project" reap meaningful results.

  11. Liverpool FC have had a poor defence for a long long time. If you want to win the prem or a cup you need to build a team on a strong back line FACT!!!! the reason Liverpool FC cant close out a game is because there is no security in the team.